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Welcome to the Ripose web site 
The Ripose Technique regards goals as the prime objective.

A goal can be defined as 'the end to which a design tends or which a person aims to reach or accomplish; a state one wishes to achieve' and according to a thesaurus, can also be an aim; assignment; end; intent; map; mission; point or purpose.

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The anatomy of goals
The Ripose Technique creates an anatomy of goals  by creating a hierarchy comprising 1 purpose,
4 benefits and 11 values.

Step 1 - goals seminar
Senior management are brought together for a 
3-hour goal seminar. During this time the definition of each goal is reached by consensus.

Step 2 - SWOT analysis
During a 1-hour, one-on-one session, each manager is asked to rank the values according to their perceived 'needs' and 'wants' - these sessions will reveal the organisation's strengths and weaknesses.

Step 3 - measures
Identify the secondary objectives, namely the measures.


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