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Newsletter ... June 2002

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Editorial comments

Welcome to our fourth issue of the Ripose newsletter from our team at Ripose.

I realise that I have been keeping a rather low profile over the past few months, but for very good reasons.

I have at last got something which I think will help get one's mind around the enormous potential of Ripose.

In the last newsletter I made mention of the the fact that the fallout from the corporate collapses and huge write offs in terms of capital and personnel has probably effected all of us in one way or another.

It seems that this trend is continuing with even bigger collapses. The role on effect of 'questionable' accounting practices lead to 'questionable' management practices which leads to a corporate collapse, followed by the accounting firm collapse.

What do I think? Well the 'big guys' can weather the storm due to their deep pockets and well planned retirement funds. It seems that the only real losers are the smaller investors. 

Perhaps it is time for everyone to stop and think about what their real passion is before investing in companies that promise an oasis and deliver nothing more than the sand!

Happy reading
Charles Richter - Managing Director

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