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Welcome to the Ripose web site 
Newsletter ... June 2002

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FAQs ...
We have received several queries as to whether Ripose can help an individual 'get a life'.

Before a reasonable answer can be provided it is important that one understands the following:

  • Who the seeker is
  • What is a life
  • When is the seeker ready for the answer
  • Where the seeker is located 

Who is the seeker
Anyone who has a dream.

What is life
Put simply, life is composed of two structures: 

  • Imagination

  • Reality

Imagination is that part of you which deals with dreams, wishes, ideas and ideals.

Reality is how the physical world acts or reacts on the dreamer.

When is the seeker ready
As soon as a person realises that they have a  dream/idea they wish to share with others.


Where is the seeker located

There are three universes/worlds that people interact with on a daily basis. They are:

  • Conceptual

  • Logical

  • Physical

The conceptual world covers objects such as dreams, wishes, ideas - part of the imagination.

The logical world covers the ideal objects a person wants to build - part of the imagination.

The physical world covers the real life objects that a person can sense - reality check.

Ripose and life

The Ripose Technique has been designed to effectively and efficiently clarify the objects in the conceptual and logical worlds to help build the physical world objects rapidly and at an affordable price.

Are you ready?
To answer this question, please see www.ripose.com/Mydream


Dream a life - Live the dream - Get a life

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